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We love martial arts and would be happy to share our experience with you. At our school you can get fit, learn martial arts from multidisciplined martial artists, make new friends - and have fun too! Not all martial arts schools, gyms and clubs are a like.Our mission is to offer our students the highest quality instruction in a friendly professional atmosphere. Our Instructors are Internationally Certified Black Belt Instructors.Cooper's Gym has served the Great State of Michigan since 1972.We offer separate beginner programs (non-competitive and competitive). Enrollment is limited, please call for an appointment.

Women's Fitness and Cardio Kickboxing Program 

Our exciting fitness program offers a fun and rewarding way to get into shape. New classes are now forming, give us a call for details.

Authentic Muay Thai 

Our Muay Thai program is now accepting new members, no experience need. These classes are for the beginner seeking to learn authentic real Muay Thai. We offer separated programs and schedules for beginngers, amateurs and professionals. Give us a call for more details. 


We offer a separate amateur, professional, fitness and white collar (executive) boxing programs. For more details go to our boxing page. 

Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness 

We offer several MMA programs. Many are not interested in competition, however want the most comprehensive fitness workout, others want no contact and no partners. We have the program for you. If you are interested in competition, we have a separate program for you. Therefore, everyone can benefit from a comprehensive fitness workout.You will learn the best of boxing, muay thai, jujitsu, submission grappling and other martial arts to become the complete martial artist.The roots of MMA date back to the ancient Greeks and the early Olympic sport of Pankration, in which combatants faced each other with very few rules. Similar sports evolved in many different places over time, often with the goal of pitting one traditional martial arts style against another. Many legendary martial artists, such as Jeet Kune Do founder and practitioner Bruce Lee, have advocated the use of these hybridized, non-traditional forms to most closely resemble real world scenarios. Even legendary boxer Muhammad Ali took part in a cross-sport match-up when he agreed to face Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. These kinds of contests were the early foundation for the sport of MMA, which has grown tremendously in scope and practice since then. The modern era of MMA is thought to have arisen from the “anything goes” fighting contests (sometimes referred to as “Vale Tudo”) held in Brazil throughout the later half of the twentieth century. These first reached North America when the Gracie family helped create the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert Royce Gracie surprised fans by winning three of the first four editions.The early American MMA events were often bloody, rule-less brawls, and they quickly drew the ire of notable politicians like Senator John McCain, who decried the bouts as “human cockfighting”. The sport was almost outlawed completely in the U.S., but survived by altering its “no-holds-barred” strategy and embracing governmental regulation. Since then, MMA has incorporated a more stringent set of rules and weight classes, and has moved toward mainstream acceptance. Though specific rules vary depending on the organization, MMA usually refers to a sport that combines striking and grappling arts, while outlawing groin strikes, eye-gouging, small joint manipulation, biting, hair-pulling, and strikes to the spine or throat.MMA has been vilified in the past by media and politicians, though there has never been a death or serious injury in a sanctioned MMA event. Early indications suggest that the sport is actually safer than boxing, thanks to the variety of techniques and the smaller gloves, which prohibit a fighter from absorbing repeated blows to the head, thus minimizing long-term damage. If you are interested in qualifing for training, please contact us 313.581.5085. 

What is Kickboxing 

What is called Kickboxing today came out of Full Contact Karate competitions in the sixties. Competitors included such fighters as Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris. Each had different backgrounds in Karate and boxing, as well as other martial arts. New fighting styles, techniques and strategies developed out of the need for a comprehensive form of fighting that was effective in the ring.

Kickboxing is a Western fighting method practiced worldwide with the kickboxer using both hands and feet, as in Karate. Because it is a realistic, practical method of fighting, it has grown into a popular sport. 

Kickboxing combines elements from Karate, and Thai Boxing; both the strategy and techniques from kicking and boxing. It mixes foot techniques from Karate and fist techniques from boxing. There are four different types of combat competitions: Full-Contact (above the waist), Muay Thai (Thai-Boxing) and Kickboxing (Low-Kick), and San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing). All these systems are the same worldwide and follow precise rules and regulations.To minimize the risk of injury during amateur Kickboxing competitions, competitors must wear protection for the feet and head, as well as shin guards, safety gloves, mouth guards, groin guards for men and chest protection for women. Kickboxing competitors use sparring, kicks, punches, kick blocks, shadow boxing, focus pads and bag work that is learned and applied under professional instruction. 

While Kickboxing was first developed as a martial art for tournament fighting, it has more recently become very popular; especially with women, because the Kickboxing workout (Fitness/Cardio Kickboxing) is excellent for developing body toning and burning fat while also helping students gain confidence in self defense. 


Hapkido (Hop-key-dough) means the way of coordinated power. As a hapkido student you will have the opportunity to learn the most advance techniques in self-defense. Hapkido specializes in hand techniques, pressure points, joint manipulation, grappling, weapons, and gaining control of an opponent with minimum effort, therefore Hapkido is a complete martial art.


Healing Arts



Defensive Tactics Program
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